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	Had these children listed with Job and Sarah Swaggerty Parrott.
But not sure if that is correct:

  • 5-George PARROTT (b: 10 Aug 1840 d: ? )
  • 5-Polly PARROTT (b: 31 Jan 1851 d: ? )
  • *Note:  Following spelling variations on PARRETT name seen: PARROTT, PARROT, PARRET.
    *Note: It appears the spelling was originally PARROTT in Va. The portions of the family who migrated west kept that spelling. The family who stayed in Virginia changed the spelling to PARRETT.
    *Note: Shenanadoah County, Va created from Frederick Co., Va in 1772.
    Rockingham County, Va created from Augusta Co, Va in 1778.
    If you can correct any of the data above or fill in some of the missing data, please contact me at Thanks to the following for assistance with this database: William M. Parrott Cy DeMerrit? Riley Renner White Virgel C. Law Carolyn Whitaker Dawn Thurston Kathy Sullivan Barnes Edie Rider Carolyn Parrett Janice Urban Etta Sherry Hess Jones Gwen Gray Green L. PARROTT (b: 1845 d: 13 Dec 1910) Vicki Schmaeman
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