The LEBO Line

in Pennsylvania

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LEBO's who came from Europe in the 1850-1920 time frame who do not connect to the immigrant John and his line listed below.

Tulpehocken Twp., Berks Co., Pa. information.

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	The below listed LEBO's came from the Reading, Pennsylvania
Directories, 1887-90.

   Name          Occupation       Stree Address         Year
Aaron Lebo        laborer         r 62 Neversink	1887
                                  rear 334 S. 8th       1888-90
Calvin Lebo       laborer         761 Bingaman   	1887
                                  332 1/2 S. 8th        1888-90
Daniel Lebo       laborer         602 S. 7th		1887-90
Daniel L. Lebo    laborer         232 Maple		1887
                                  602 S. 7th            1888
                                  518 S. 9th            1889
                                  1113 Cotton		1890
David Lebo        moulder         640 Laurel		1887-88
                                  1404 Cotton           1889
                                  629 Laurel            1890
David Lebo        laborer         917 Green		1887
                                  9th above Bern	1888
                                  301 Poplar            1889
Elijah Lebo       blacksmith      941 Cotton		1887-90
Franklin Lebo     laborer         240 Plum		1887-90
Harry Lebo        laborer         917 Green		1887
                                  9th above Bern        1888
Henry             brickmaker      1351 N. 9th           1889
John Lebo         moulder         404 S. 11th		1887-90
Julia A. Lebo     none            239 Franklin          1889-90
Kate B. Lebo      dressmaker      229 Cedar		1887
                                  519 Cedar             1888-90
Monroe Lebo       moulder         446 Laurel		1887
                                  608 Laurel            1888-90
William F. Lebo   carpenter       229 Cedar		1887
                                  519 Cedar             1888-90
William J. Lebo   laborer         842 Nicolls		1887/1889
                                  834 Nicolls           1890

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Bob Jungbluth
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Elsie Trotter
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Woody Trostel
Ernie Lebo
Corinne Diller
David Udall
Elizabeth B. Bunting
Richard Hughes
Tonya Lebo
Rory Taylor
Tracy Laudenslager
Liz Miller
Geri Brennan
David J. Bachman
Tom Rhen
Peter McIver
Betty Sutton
Beth Marlow
Carma Galloway
Mary Hicks
Larry Melrose
Jim Hill
Betty Blair
Roger Cramer             web page
Mary Ann Stewart
Ken Lebo
John L. Lebo
Sarah Lebo
Doray Shay LEBO

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